11 Is a Good Number in Numerology

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Number 11 is a highly spiritual number, balancing the intuitive qualities of The High Priestess with the leadership and creative qualities of The Magician. The following articles provide insight into the energy represented in the foundation number 2 (and the digit 1):

The key to fulfillment for a person with a Life Path number 11 is to surround themselves with many people. They will reach their mastery potential when they can turn all the knowledge that they have acquired into meaningful support that can be used to help others. In order to do this, they must accept and embrace the psychic gifts they’ve been given.


Spirituality and religion are two different things. People with this Life Path number are more concerned with finding the truth than following any predetermined system of rules. The most remarkable characteristic of the Master Number 11 is its connection to a higher source of wisdom.

Along with 33 and 22 the number 11, 11 is also one of these Master Numbers. 11 is a spiritual guide and a supporter of humanity. It is open to vast spiritual concepts and the presence of a greater power.

The energy of 1 and 2, we have said, are similar to the primordial energies of Yin and Yang found in Taoism.

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Plus, a dose 1 energy, such as independence, leadership and solitariness. At certain positions of numerology charts, 11 is considered to be a master number. Take a moment to look at what is happening in your life and what is happening around it. It can appear as a price on a menu, the amount of change you receive from a purchase, an address, a page number in a book or as a day of the month.

But the Master Numbers have a responsibility, and it’s the number 11’s duty to use this gift of awareness to deliver cosmic truths that encourage humanity. Not everyone can live up to the call of master number 11. Those whose lives are informed by number 11 are both spiritually sensitive and charismatic, cooperative and independent.


The Number 11 in Your Numerology Chart

To reach master number 11, one must be in a high level of spiritual evolution. This is why the number 11 is often depicted as number 11/2 instead. The blend of the two somewhat conflicting energies result in an essence unique. The 11 essence includes a double dose the 1’s essence such as exploration and self sufficiency. After the essence is understood, knowing what the number pertains to allows meaning to be determined. See the About Numerology Number Meanings article for an example of different meanings for the same number depending on what the number pertains to.

It takes inner strength and determination to manage all aspects of one’s life. It can be very rewarding for someone with this soul desire number or life path.

It is drawn to both independence and teamwork, as well as aloneness and coexistence. Resolution of those personal conflicts brings an experience of spirituality. There are only three Master Numbers in Numerology — double-digit numbers that hold a tremendous amount of power and meaning. A combination of one or more of these numbers is a sign of great trials and even greater potential.

One could say that 11 has more 1 energy than 11 but this is balanced by the 2 energy that comes from reducing 11’s numbers. The energy of 1 is independent and charismatic, while the number 2 is intuitive and creative. People who are influenced or influenced by number 11 will feel their energy drop to the level of number 2.

Because of its sharp intuition, the 11 Life Path is able to read and understand emotions and thoughts on a level that few people can, it excels in relationships. This Life Path number is idealistic and creative. They may use artistic expression to communicate vast concepts and feelings that cannot be expressed in words. The immense amount of awareness these people receive can be overwhelming and cause bouts of anxiety, fear, and doubt, so it’s important for them to find outlets for their emotions. People who have a Life Path 11 are more connected to spirituality in any way they choose. This may be following the beliefs of a religious faith for some 11, but it doesn’t have.

It is magnetic and creative, and a beacon of hope and wisdom for others to follow. Mastery of the energy of number 11 is a distinct challenge.

Numerological Meaning Of 11

The numerology number 11’s essence is intuition, independence, teamwork. The deep down basic essence of the numerology number 11 is intuition, highly developed intuition. The numerology number 11’s deepest essence is intuition, which is a highly developed intuition. To master the energy of number 11, you must have intelligence, strength, moral fortitude, and personal discipline.

The Essence Of The Numerology Number 11

The numerology number 11 represents a number that is intuitive and spiritual, with charisma. All Master Numbers have a higher vibration than their single-digit counterparts, in this case the number 2. This means the 11 carries many of the same traits as the number 2, such as harmony, empathy, and sensitivity, but it feels them and utilizes them in much deeper, more profound ways. 1 is innovative and motivated, open to new things and eager to make a difference. If

If you’re interested in finding out what was written in your destiny, you can download a personalized numerology report for master number 11 free here. When the number 11 appears in your experience it is likely to represent a calling from spirit or source.

Master Numbers Hold Powerful Potential In Numerology

Relationships are essential for the energy of the number 11, which must resonate as it is. It will be lonely and unable resonate with its essence. 11 needs to be out front, but it also needs teamwork and cooperation. Of course, this time occurs twice a day, but what is uncanny about this is how everything seems to stop at exactly that time and they look up at the clock in the office and notice. The energy represented by the number 11 is highly capable when focused on a specific goal. The blend results in an energy unique to the number 11.

When a person ignores the influence of their 11 Life Path, they will go down many wrong roads and may deal with a significant amount of inner turmoil. But through acknowledging their purpose and being open to learning during times of difficulty, these people can attain tremendous spiritual heights. To be born with a Life Path Number 11 is a genuine blessing, yet it may take many years before these people are able to understand the power of their gifts. These people often feel like they are carrying a heavy burden. They have to go through many difficult experiences in order to learn to trust and hone their unique skills. They are not meant as a roadblock or deterrent; this is the universe’s way of guiding those chosen to fulfill their life purpose. The numerology number 11’s essence is dynamic, intuitive, and a teacher through example.

The Strength card image features an angelic woman crowned by the symbol of infinity, which closes the jaws a fierce lion. This symbol is symbolic of moral fortitude, and mastery over lower animal aspects of our natural world.

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