All Types Of Numerology Numbers Explained For Beginners

All Types Of Numerology Numbers Explained For Beginners

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Complete beginner to Numerology? You’ve come to the right place.

I wish I had this resource when I was dipping my toes into this magical world all those years ago.

I have laid out below what I consider to be the most comprehensive beginner-friendly list of terms and concepts that you’ll need to get a clearer picture of how numerology works.

It’s also something that I’ve been struggling to find myself. So here it is!

Numerology sounds like magic or unrealistic, even though there is a science behind it. 

Our universe is the expression of energy. And numbers reflect those energies in our lives through different means. 

Read on and start uncovering your primary purpose, special traits, and compatibility with others to enjoy a smooth, hassle-free life.

Core Numbers

Core numbers have a powerful influence over your life. You can calculate them using your birth date and name. 

They hog the spotlight in numerology because their energies last a lifetime. 

Even if you change your name in the future, you can’t completely avoid your birth name’s effects. 

So most parents who are into numerology spend significant time and though deciding their baby’s name.

Here’s a detailed look into what the five core numbers have to offer.

Life Path Number

Out of all the core numbers, the Life Path number is the most important one. It is the head of all numbers in your whole Numerology chart!

Why? It illustrates the path you should follow for a successful life. 

It tells you what you should learn and adapt to a successful life. 

So how can you calculate your Life Path number? 

It’s easy—simple math. 

All you need to know is your complete birth date. 

It is calculated from the sum of the digits of your birth year, month, and exact date. 

Let’s take a look at an example.

If your birth date is 23-7-1993, your Life Path number will be: 

Birth Year – 1+9+9+3= 22

Month – 0+7=7 

Date – 2+3= 5

Life Path number – 22+7+5= 34

Now we will convert the double-digit number (34) to a single-digit value by adding the two terms. 

The Life Path number for the above example is 3+4= 7. 

Life Path NumberCharacteristicsCareer
Business field
Government sector
Purposeful mindset
Government service
Public speaking
Great at managing
Real Estate
Social work
11Impressive capabilities
Powerful presence
Full of wisdom
Mystic Healer
Strategic planner
Has a strong spiritual side
Social services
Spiritual leader, teacher, and humanitarian

As you can see in the chart above, the last three numbers (11, 22, and 33) aren’t reduced to a single digit. 

They’re known as Master numbers. 

To understand them, you should first understand the nature of numbers in general. 

They vibrate at different intensity levels. If the intensity level is high, the number will have a stronger vibration and give off more energy. 

This is exactly the case with Master numbers. They vibrate at a higher frequency level than other numbers.

If you get a Master number in any kind of numerology reading, it means you’re the chosen one.

You have the ultimate power to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd due to your special talents and strong potential. 

Some numerologists also categorize 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 into Master numbers. 

However, only the three Master numbers make a ‘Triangle of Enlightenment’

All Types Of Numerology Numbers Explained For Beginners

Birthday Number

Your Birthday number is simply your birth date. 

You just need the day of your month you were born since it has more weight comparatively.

So If you were born on 17th October, your Birthday number is 17. 

Your Birthday number could be anything from 1 to 31. 

However, some numerologists prefer to reduce the double-digit values into a single number.

You can analyze your double and single digits for a better understanding of yourself. 

What is it famous for?

The Birthday number tells you about your specific characteristics from early childhood. 

It shows who you are as a person and what traits make you comfortable in your own skin. 

You can relate to your Birthday number strongly within the 28th and 56th year. 

Each number has its own interpretation. 

People with the same dates could have similar traits by birth. 

But different environments and experiences can alter them to some degree. 

Your Birthday NumberTraits
1Natural leader, Strong self-confidence
2Good social skills, Creative imagination 
3Conversation starters, Restless attitude – always up to something
4Hard-working, In control of your emotions
5Materialistic, Adaptable
6Honest and responsible, Problem solver
7High focus, Stubborn
8Daydreamer, Dual personality
9Empathic, Open-minded
10Independent soul, Ambitious
11Unpredictable at time, Good at persuading people
12Artistic, Witty
13Organized, Reliable
14Expressive, Quick learner
15Works well in a peaceful environment, Magnetic personality
16Thinks deeply, Have bigger goals
17Strategic and business-oriented, 
Remarkable administrative skills
Dominating character
19Extremely controlling, Risk-taker
20Sensitive, Good at reading people
21Amazing with words, Strong values
22Idealistic, Spiritual
23Willing to try new stuff, Easily get bored with people and places
24Emotional, Home-maker
25Perfectionist, Rational
26Excellent at management, Cooperative
27Selfless, Romantic at heart
28Devoted, Confident
29Talented, Creative
30Disciplined, Aggressive
31Practical, Plans ahead

The next three core numbers are related to your name. 

The vibrational frequency and effects of your birth name stay with you till your last breath. 

It’s important to note here that I’m only talking about your complete birth name that’s on your birth certificate. 

Expression Number

Your Expression number determines the primary traits that make you your true self. 

They were present when you were born. You can say they’re part of your spiritual DNA. 

Your name is simply the gateway to express those inborn qualities that can help with your life mission.

It reflects your inner self! 

Your Expression number is calculated when you add all the numerical values of your full name. 

A Pythagorean chart below shows the associated numbers with letters. 

All Types Of Numerology Numbers Explained For Beginners

Image source:

Your Expression NumberPositive TraitsNegative Traits
1Original and unique, Individualistic, ExplorerSelf-centered, Pride
2Sensual, Have great tactics, DiplomaticEasily affected by people and situations
3Imaginative, Expressive, OptimisticLack of discipline, Under confident 
4Down-to-earth, Determined, Hard-workingInsecure, Poor decision-making skills
5Daring Versatile, Free spiritNeed of validation
6Compassionate, Healing powers, LoyalYou invest too much in others
7Analytical, Curious, IntrospectiveJudgemental
8Dominant, Capable, Highly competitiveIntolerant
9Sophisticated, Humanitarian, ArtisticNot very good with expressing yourself 
11Has powerful ideas and presence, Psychic, AwareHighly emotional, Dependant
22Committed to your goals, Visionary, Great potentialDoubtful of your abilities
33Spiritual, Best at counselling, Into music and artsYour idealistic nature could be self-destructing

Heart’s Desire Number

As you can imagine from the name, this number reveals what you want from life. People don’t normally see this side of you. 

Sometimes, you make choices you don’t understand. 

Your Heart’s Desire number has a deep connection behind decisions you make out of the blue. 

It also gives an indication as to why you react a certain way when you’re happy or upset.

You add the numerical values of your name’s vowels to find this number. 

Your Heart’s Desire NumberWhat Does Your Heart Really Want?
1Independence, leadership skills, your own start-up
2Peace, love, harmony
3Art, wits, self-expression
4Stability, orderliness, productive routine
5Freedom, lively experiences with people, variety
6A world full of compassion, positivity, security
7Insight into complicated things, knowledge, solutions
8Rewarding projects, success, balance
9Resources to help people, peace, perfection
11Zero conflicts, dedication to improving the world, legendary vision
22Big achievements that create history, manifestation powers
33Loving family, appreciation, self-importance

Personality Number

You may wonder what impression you leave on people. Is it good or bad?

Your Personality number shows the traits you want people to see because you feel confident about them.

It identifies parts of your personality that appeal to your friends and family.

How can you benefit from your Personality number?

It sets a benchmark. 

You’ll see a mental image of people and situations you want in life. 

Your Personality number doesn’t just put forward your external self. 

Once you get some insight into it, you will only let those things or people approach you that click with your inner self. 

It’s like a layer of protection necessary to keep your real-self intact. 

To calculate your Personality number, you only have to add the consonants (non-vowel letters) of your full name. 

Your Personality NumberWhat’s Your First Impression?
1Controlling, courageous, dynamic
2Warm, friendly, reliable
3Fun to be with, full of life, charming
4Family-oriented, possessive, diligent
5Heart of social gatherings, upbeat, inspiring
6Understanding, trustworthy
7Mysterious, studious, intelligent
8Strong personality, intimidating, enthusiastic
9Nobel, grounded, charismatic
11Nervous, unthreatening, gentle
22Reliable, motivational, consistent
33Confident, eager to help everyone, spiritual figure

Secondary Numbers

Unlike the core numbers above, the secondary numerology numbers don’t last a lifetime, but they’re still important.

Power Number

Your Power number represents the energy you have to follow your life ambitions. 

Its resonance is more apparent when you’re around 40 to 54. 

Power energy increases gradually during its active years. 

Once it’s in full force, you will see a big change in your outlook on life.

To calculate your Power number, simply add your Life Path number and Destiny number. 

Apart from the Master numbers, other twin double digits have a potent influence on your power energy.

These numbers are 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99. They share the traits with their reduced single value. 

But in essence, they are more powerful.

Power NumbersWhat’s the Big Difference? 
44=8An eight through double four will have higher chances of succeeding in life. 
55=10=1One is known for its leadership abilities. When two fives make 1, nothing can distract you from your potential.
66=12=3The number three compliments the six with its self-sacrificing and responsible nature. You can be a legendary artist!
77=14=5The spiritual seven with highly intelligent five will make you think out of the box so you can tackle the obstacles thrown at you.
88=16=7You can find your direction if you combine the eight’s potential for spiritual purposes.
99=18=9This is a unique and very powerful combination, as both single and double digits have 9 in them. You can make this world a better place to live if you keep up with your goals. 

Since your Power number is the combination of your Life Path number and Destiny number, it shares similar traits with both of them. 

You can check out the charts above to read about your specific number. 

Angel Numbers

The repeating pattern of numbers is called the Angel number.  

If you keep on seeing a specific pattern of numbers, let’s say 111 or 555, get ready to decode the mysterious message the universe has sent your way. 

It’s not a coincidence! 

Maybe the universe is trying to validate you or send a warning. Or it’s just its way of patting you on your shoulder. 

You will know once you interpret the repeating numbers. 

Your Angel NumbersWhat’s the Secret Message?
111Let go of what’s bothering you and manifest your ideas into reality.
222Try to balance your life affairs for a more positive approach.
333It’s time to acknowledge your life’s purpose. Stop wasting your time on pointless things. 
444Don’t give up just yet! Have faith in yourself and do what you must with confidence.
555Prepare yourself for some big changes ahead!
666Why don’t you take some rest and start over when you’re fresh and mentally sound?
777The spiritual power is looking out for you. Take a step ahead and embrace your natural self. 
888The universe knows all about your efforts. You will soon be rewarded with the best!
999You will soon begin a new life chapter. Take the opportunity to be your better version.

Lucky Numbers

In most cases, your lucky numbers are your core numbers. 

However, there are a few numbers that are considered to be extremely lucky in general.

The luckiest of them is 7. 

If you dig in deep, you will see the reason why. The number 7 has a lot of spiritual and worldly connections.

Religion Nature
Seven deadly sins (cardinal sins)Seven rainbow colors
Seven heavens (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and some Indian religions) Seven seas
Seven means perfection in the BibleSeven Continents

Similarly, the number 70 is also considered lucky because of its strong relationship with the world. 

Unlucky Numbers

To be honest, there is no such thing as a bad or unlucky number, at least in numerology. 

Your lucky numbers can be unlucky for someone else. 

There is no solid evidence that proves a particular number to be always unlucky, no matter what. 

Even so, some people find a few numbers to be unlucky. 

It could be because of their experiences associated with that particular number.

It is important to note here that the concept of unlucky numbers totally depends on your belief and experiences. 

Here are a few numbers that are considered unlucky in different cultures.

  • People with the number 13 in their numerology chart may suffer from frustration and have a tough life. 
  • In Japanese culture, the number 4 and the word death have a similar pronunciation. So it’s assumed to bring bad luck in the Far East.
  • According to the Bible, the repeating number 666 is Evil’s number. A few countries refrain from putting this number on car plates. They make sure their phone numbers don’t end with this pattern. 
  • It’s believed that the number 43 brings out your animal instincts, putting a barrier between your soul and body. You won’t be able to cherish your spiritual self. 


Your life changes as you grow up. 

With the help of numerology chart cycles, you can predict when the change will happen and its purpose. 

For each numerology cycle, you need to calculate the cycle period and the cycle number.

The Cycle PeriodThe Cycle Number
Tells when things will change in your lifeRepresents energies that can be interpreted to find the meaning behind a specific cycle.
Calculated through your birth dateCalculated with your birth date or name 

Here’s are the eight numerology cycles:

Numerology CyclesFrequency
The Power CycleChanges only onceThe gradual change-over happens during midlife.
The Life Period CycleThe first Life Period cycle lasts around 27-35 years.The second Life Period cycle has a duration of 27 years.The third Life Period cycle lasts for the rest of your life.
The Pinnacle CycleThe first Pinnacle cycle has a time frame of 27 to 35 years.The second and third Pinnacle cycle has a time frame of 9 years.The fourth Pinnacle cycle lasts till the end of your life.

The ChallengesSimilar to the Life Period cycle or the Pinnacle cycle (depends on the numerologist)
The Essence TransitYearly cycleIt will last from birthday to birthday.
The Personal YearYearly cycleChanges with the calendar year
The Personal MonthMonthly cycleChanges with the calendar month
The Personal DayDaily cycleChanges everyday

Thank you for reading!

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Thank you for reading!

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