Can Numerology And Astrology Work Together

[Solved!] Can Numerology and Astrology Work Together?

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Do you ever look at the events in your life and wonder, “If only I had known”?

Some people take risks and end up changing their lives for good. 

Some don’t.

Either way, you might wonder why or how certain things happened. You may also seek these answers in either numerology or astrology, and consider their accuracy

Or, you may look for answers in both! Both have their merits, so if it feels right, it is.

So, let’s answer the million-dollar question! 

Numerology and Astrology can work well together. Despite the apparent differences, both subjects rely heavily on mathematics. When combined, their unique perspectives can be very insightful. Their respective numbers are connected to celestial bodies and astrological signs, linking the two fields together. 

Numerology and astrology are interrelated. Astrology predicts your future based on planetary motions; numerology does that using your name and numbers.

To help you understand better, I will dive into some major differences between numerology and astrology.

The Difference Between Numerology And Astrology

Simply put, astrology is about space and time. And numerology is about, you guessed it – numbers!

Numerology revolves around the significance of numbers.

Now, what numbers I’m talking about?

Numerology is not centered on a random pick-a-number strategy. Instead, it focuses on calculations.

That’s right. It’s math!

Numerology studies the relationship between various numbers in your life and how these numbers affect you.

Numerologists believe that each number has a vibration frequency of its own. And these vibrations can influence your life positively or negatively.

In addition, it focuses on the effect and sound of your name. 

In a nutshell, numerologists use your name, birth date, and different numerology systems to find the lucky numbers, lucky charms, and lucky elements in your life. 

The most popular numerology systems are Pythagorean and Chaldean.

When you think of astrology, horoscopes usually always come to mind. But that’s not only what it’s about. 

It predicts much more than your horoscope. Horoscopes are just a minor branch of astrology.

Okay, let’s put the term under a virtual microscope for a better grasp.

Astrology is the study of planets, their positions and movements, and how they influence human lives. 

In Astrology, accuracy and precision are of utmost importance. 

Your birth date, exact time, and place are the key factors in future predictions. 

You need to have the exact information if you want an accurate prediction.

Astrology focuses so much on accuracy because, with every passing moment, the celestial bodies change positions. 

Through your data, the expert astrologists will devise a birth chart to tell you about future events.

You can use this information to make comprehensive plans in your life.

However, keep in mind that no astrologer today can give a 100% accurate prediction [source]. 

What Numerology is Good For

Numerology tells you about the importance of certain numbers, colors, and metals in your life. 

It describes what kind of positive or negative effect they are likely to have.

You can pick the right name for your baby or change your own name for better effects.

According to numerology, some names can have a negative effect on your life. 

Thus, changing the name may turn the odds in your favor.

Your Life Path Number can tell a lot about your personality, guiding you in your career and relationships. 

Similarly, Name Numbers can reveal your hidden traits and potentials.

Let’s suppose your Life Path Number is 4, for example. 

What does it mean? It’s guiding you to be well organized and plan ahead. 

If you let yourself be guided by your Life Path Number, you can get back on track and notice a positive change within you.

What Astrology is Good For

As apposed to Numerology, Astrology is more accurate in predicting your future. It can hint at whether you are about to have a good or bad time ahead.

Nobody enjoys hearing bad news. But isn’t it better to prepare beforehand?

Here’s how it works. 

An expert astrologist tells you the coming year is going to be hard for you. 

What to do next? You bunker down prepare for the tough time ahead!

If the year ahead is due to be difficult, avoid taking major risks and be more cautious. 

And if that’s not the case, go out, spread your wings. Take risks, plan adventures. 

Life is about exploring, adapting, and surviving. What astrology does is prepare you in advance. 

Moreover, you can use astrology to gain insight into the remedies and solutions to overcome the adverse effects of planets on your life. 

Before I move on, let’s review the basic differences between numerology and astrology in this handy little table.

Numerology Astrology
Studies the significance of numbers and names in your life.Focuses on the movement of celestial bodies and how they affect your life.
Only requires your birth date and name.Needs specific details: time, place, and date of your birth.
Helps you find your inner self and life purpose.Guides you about important future events and remedies for ill times.
Your name is of great importance. It either makes or breaks your life.Your name doesn’t matter at all.
Numerology Vs Astrology

How to Use Numerology and Astrology At The Same Time

On the surface, one is night, and the other is the day. 

But there is, in fact, a connection.

Both are metaphysical sciences that unleash hidden information to re-define your life.

It is impossible to read a birth chart properly without understanding the significance of numbers. 

In short, they both are bound by complicated math. 

We link numbers from 0 to 9 to one of these: 

  • Moon
  • Sun
  • A given planet 

Similarly, each number is also related to the zodiac.

Your life path number will tell you which celestial body you connect to and which astrological sign is your alter ego.

Here’s a powerful trio of the Life Path number, ruling celestial body, and astrological alter ego:

Trio Connecting Numerology with Astrology
1. Sun, Leo
2. Moon, Cancer
3. Jupiter, Pisces, Sagittarius,
4. Aquarius, Uranus
5. Gemini, Virgo Mercury
6. Venus, Libra, Taurus
7. Neptune, Pisces
8. Capricorn, Saturn
9. Aries, Scorpio, Mars

What The Experts Say

In the end, everyone needs an expert opinion.

Let’s take a look at what some of the more well known numerology and astrology experts have to say.

Numerologists –

“There is a mathematical code and a map to our lives. Life is not just a series of random events.”

– Josh Siegal

In other words, Numerology can expose you to a whole new world of opportunities you missed before.

“There’s everyday numerology, as in the woo-woo pseudoscience fluff, which is entertaining. Then there’s strategic applied numerology which exposes you to a whole new world of intelligent opportunity.”

– Chris and Suzanne Styles, from

If you’re serious about numerology findings and put faith in them, you can see the control you have over your life.

Astrologists –

“Astrology shows you the innate character and possibilities and the environment one is born in and their ability/free will in this life.”

– Anupam V Kapil, from 

You will find out about your true capabilities. Astrology can give you a sense of yourself, your surroundings, and your future.

“Astrology helps you enact your free will through awareness of challenging patterns or cycles – it never victimizes you.”

Maria DeSimone

You will understand the reason behind your failures and mishaps. Astrology can help you become more aware of your free will. 

Example Of Using Both Together

Up till now, you may already know how important your Life Path number is in Numerology.

Once you have your Life Path number, you can use it to find your astrological alter ego. 

Note: If you don’t want to calculate your Life Path number on your own, you can get help from a numerological calculator. 

The process is straightforward though. 

You have to reduce your birth year, month, and date to a single digit by adding all the numbers together. 

Here’s a catch: If the double digits are 11, 22, or 33, don’t bother reducing them. 

These numbers are called Master numbers and have a great impact on your life! 

Let’s assume your Life Path number is 1.

In numerology, ‘1’s’ are known to be outstanding leaders as they are confident, charismatic, and bold. 

If you refer to the second chart earlier in this article, you’ll see that number 1 is ruled by the sun. 

And the astrological alter-ego sign associated with this number is Leo.

Often, your astrological sign doesn’t indicate your entire personality. And that is where numerology steps in.

Limits don’t define humans. And there are always alter-egos present.

So when you use numerology and astrology together, you see the connection. You feel it deeply. 

Everything starts to make sense! 

In fact, this interconnection is known as Astro-Numerology!


Numerology and astrology are both metaphysical sciences that guide you in your life. They are different, yet interconnected.

They reinforce each other.

Based on mathematical calculations, your birth date, name, time, and place, experts use both fields to predict future events and discover your true potential.

By combining numerology and astrology, you will start to have an even bigger understanding of your life by seeing their different perspectives. 

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to listen to your gut feeling! It’s always right.