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Numerology is the belief that numbers play a significant role in our lives. The study of numerology has emerged from many different civilizations, including Mayans, Indians, Chinese, and Babylonians.

Chaldean Numerology

Each civilisation held its own beliefs regarding the power of numbers and their relationship to critical events. Modern western numerology gives credit to Pythagoras as a pioneer in developing a reliable, fine-tuned system widely adopted today.

Chaldean numerology originated from an ancient middle-eastern country, Chaldea, that existed from the 10th to the 6th centuries, B.C.

What is Chaldean Numerology?

Chaldean numerology originated with the idea that the universe is made up of vibrations. Balanced vibrations seek out similarly balanced vibrations, and unbalanced vibrations do the same.

The amount of harmony or chaos in our lives is dependent on how well we match our vibrations.

Do You Create Your Own Destiny?

Another foundational principle of Chaldean Numerology is the idea of destiny. This is the belief that everyone has an unavoidable outcome determined by their birthdate.

Chaldean numerology also places a lot of importance on the alphabet, and as such, a person’s legal name is an equally important indicator of his or her destiny.

Chaldean Numerology Chart

In Chaldean Numerology, the chart has two categories: the highest self and the human self. These two categories represent the relationship between the physical (human self) and the metaphysical (higher self).

Higher Self

The numerical digits dictate the higher self in a person’s full birthdate. These vibrations represent a person’s inner essence, which guides what they want out of life.

Everything that we want to do, or to be, or to experience, is determined by our higher self.

The human self is determined by the combination of a person’s legal name and birthdate. The human self decides how you live your life, and if your choices are in harmony with your true purpose or higher self. 

Chaldean Numerology Numbers

According to Chaldean Numerology, the vibrations of the numbers come from ancient clay tablets. Some of the translations are lost to the old language, but a modern interpretation of the Chaldean number system is provided below.

Life Path Number 1 

Represented by the sun’s celestial body, life path number 1 is a feminine personality that celebrates freedom and abundance. A desire for success drives life path number 1.

As a natural-born leader, 1s may challenge authority to assume authority. They enjoy being in a position of power. Some 1s are creative, and most 1s also have a high level of perfectionism.

Life Path Number 2

Represented by the moon’s celestial body, life path number 2 is a masculine personality that celebrates creativity and empathy. Life path number 2 is driven by feelings and a desire to understand others.

Many 2s, especially men, are typically seen as weak for their deep connection to their feelings. This causes some conflict, as most people do not desire to be weak.

Life Path Number 3

Represented by the planet Jupiter, life path number 3 is a masculine personality celebrating knowledge, advancement, and strategy. Threes can make great business people because they are excellent at strategizing.

Threes have a growth mindset and are continually looking for ways to move forward. However, their downfall in business is that they have a difficult time delegating. 3s prefer to work alone.

Life Path Number 4

Represented by the planet Uranus, life path number 4 is a feminine personality that values their own unique qualities. Fours are naturally good at thinking outside-of-the-box and are natural-born innovators.

Life path number 4 is always looking to revolutionize the world. They push boundaries often and tend to create a lot of enemies because they push others outside of their comfort zones in the name of change.

Life Path Number 5

Represented by the planet Mercury, life path number 5 is known as the social butterfly. Their greatest strength in business is networking.

Always in motion, 5s are eager to communicate with others, which leads to fast friendship and a natural level of trust.

Life Path Number 6

Represented by the planet of Venus, life path number 6 is drawn to comfort. They like to be comfortable, which sometimes means that they tend to be homebodies. But they also make others feel comfortable, which gives them the appearance of being charismatic and trustworthy on the surface.

Unfortunately, some 6s can be masterful at manipulation, using their good charms for more devious purposes.

Life Path Number 7

Represented by Neptune’s planet, life path number 7 is the deep thinker fond of big and profound ideas. Others look to 7s for insight as they naturally look at things with the intent to look for deeper meanings.

Sevens are good at understanding the actions of others and often rely on their gut instincts. To their detriment, 7s are also afraid to appear weak and may use a facade to hide it.

Life Path Number 8

Represented by the planet Saturn, life path number 8 is associated with the driving force of destiny. It is believed that 8s were born to have a big impact on the world around them. They encourage big changes and meaningful movements.

8s tend to be very practical in their approach to life. Unfortunately, 8s also tend to experience more than their share of hardships in early life. It is believed that they need these experiences to build toughness that will allow them to achieve great things later in life.

Life Path Number 9

Represented by the planet Mars, life path number 9 is the bearer of justice, integrity, and honor.

9s tend to have a direct approach to life. They speak their minds freely without concern for offending anyone’s feelings. In a way, 9s are meant to be the enforcers. 

Chaldean Life Path Numbers Guide Higher Self

The life path number that you are given is decided by your full birth date and is unable to be changed. The significance of these numbers determines what each person’s higher purpose is in life.

Some people exist to bring happiness, while others bring judgment. Some people exist to be thinkers and innovators, while others exist to maintain normalcy and comfort. 

Life Dates

While many individuals naturally sort into their intended roles, it is not uncommon to find some people living in conflict. This means that their human self is misaligned with their higher self.

You might see a correction at some point in life, usually observed as a mid-life crisis or major career change. Or, you might see that person continues to fight the misalignment, which causes great stress and unhappiness.

How to Calculate your Chaldean Life Path Number

Calculating your life path number is relatively easy. Understanding what that number means and how it applies to your life is a bit more complex.

Start by writing out your birth date with a two-digit month + two-digit day + four-digit year.

Calculate Chaldean Life Path Number

04181984 represents April 18, 1984

Add the individual digits together: 0 + 4 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 35

If you get a single-digit number, you are done. If you get a double-digit number, add the digits together one more time to reveal your life path number.

3 + 5 = 8

Using the birthdate example above, this individual is a life path 8 or the type of individual who is meant to impact big changes in the world around them.

The Chaldean Alphabet in Numerology

Another component of Chaldean numerology is the importance placed on the alphabet. Chaldeans believed that the letters in your name were as much a part of your destiny as the date that you were born.

Understanding your human self, or the vibrations of the alphabet as it relates to your given name is an important step in aligning your human self with your higher self to live a harmonized life.

Calculate Chaldean Human Self Number

The Chaldean alphabet only uses digits 1-8. Digit 9 is a balance of sorts and is not included in alphabetical readings. The Chaldean alphabet assigns a numerical digital to each letter of the alphabet as follows:

Use this table to work out your human self number.

Using this system for the Chaldean alphabet, you can tabulate your human self number. Let’s look at an example:

Lucas = 4 + 5 + 3 + 1 + 3 = 16 

Miller = 5 + 1 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 2 = 20

First + Last = 16 + 20 = 36

Lucas Miller = 36 (The reduced digit 9 is also important)

Both single digit and compound numbers will hold a significant influence over your life. When reading your numbers, be sure to use your full name and read both compound numbers and reduced digits.

Compound Numbers in Chaldean Numerology

2020 Calendar

Chaldean numerology includes compound numbers from 10 – 52 representing all double-digit numbers in a 52 week calendar year.

Number 10: The compound number 10 casts a favorable influence and suggests that a person will achieve honor and success.

Number 11: The number 11 casts a dangerous influence and suggests that a person will be more likely to find themselves in dangerous situations.

Number 12: The number 12 gives off anxious energy. The suffering related to the compound number 12 most often occurs in the mind and not in the physical world.

Number 13: The compound number 13 gives off the energy of power. In the right hands it will elevate the individual and in the wrong hands it can cause great suffering for others.

Number 14: Number 14 favors money and finances. This individual should have great success with money and become wealthy. 

Number 15:  The compound number 15 is a little bit tricky. It is considered favorable when paired with a favorable single-digit number. However, it is also unfavorable when paired with an unfavorable single-digit number.

Number 16: The compound number 16 casts an unfavorable influence. Those with a 16 in their charts should exercise caution when making decisions.

Number 17: The number 17/4 or 17/8 is considered to be a lucky number, bringing notoriety and recognition even after one’s death. When it is not paired with a 4 or 8, it is unlikely to have much influence.

Number 18: The number 18 casts an unfavorable or even dangerous influence.

Number 19: The compound number 19 is very favorable. Good fortune, luck, happiness, and great success follow the number 19.

Number 20: The number 20 is marked with delayed gratification. Individuals with a 20 in their charts will have to wait a long time for nearly everything in life.

Number 21: The compound number 21 is another lucky set of digits. Life filled with great joy and great success comes easily with a 21.

Number 22: The number 22 is surrounded by danger. These individuals are often limited by inaction.

Number 23: 23 is a favorable number that is always happy to lend an appropriately-timed helping hand from the universe.

Number 24: Number 24 is a favorable number as well, marking one’s life with an abundance of love, support and affection.

Number 25: The number 25 is a good middle-of-the-road number. The number is often an indicator of well-earned success, meaning individuals will become successful with an appropriate amount of work and sweat equity.

Number 26: The number 26 is at an unusually high risk of being hurt by those close to them.

Number 27: The compound number 27 is a favorable number bringing a lot of power and success, as well as superior intelligence.

Number 28: The number 28 is a very unfavorable number associated with danger and suffering.

Number 29: The number 29 is also unfavorably tied to deception, dangers, and a generally turbulent life.

Number 30: The number 30 is a favorable number full of love and affection from those around you.

Number 31: The number 31 is an unfavorable number causing loneliness and isolation.

Number 32: The number 32 is a neutral number, but suggests that your gut may be unreliable. Always take good advice given by others.

Number 33: The number 33 is another set of digits that represent an abundance of love and support. 

Number 34: The number 34 is generally considered favorable, but be cautious. Success will take great effort.

Number 35: The number 35 is a cautious number often associated with misplaced trust.

Number 36: The number 36 is linked to power and authority and is generally considered a positive influence.

Number 37: The number 37 is favorable for romantic relationships, financial success, and lifelong friendships.

Number 38: Number 38 is marked by uncertainty, mistrust and danger.

Number 39: Number 39 is a neutral number. It may help you be successful with a lot of effort, but it is generally considered neutral.

Number 40: While mostly neutral, the number 40 may be more prone to loneliness and isolation.

Number 41: The number 41 is neither good or bad. But individuals with this number should always listen to their own gut rather than taking advice from others.

Number 42: 42 is a favorable number associated with great success in love, support and affection.

Number 43: The number 43 casts a negative energy linked to failure and loss.

Number 44: The number 44 is associated with moderate risk. Individuals should remain guarded, particularly with those near them.

Number 45: The number 45 is a life on easy street. Individuals will experience power and authority with little resistance.

Number 46: The number 46 is a favorable number leading to successful personal relationships.

Number 47: Number 47 brings negative energy associated with extraordinary grief.

Number 48: The number 48 is fairly neutral. It can bring success with an appropriate amount of work or it can bring failure with laziness.

Number 49: 49 is an unfavorable number linked to loneliness.

Number 50: The number 50 is generally a favorable number, but be cautious of taking the advice of others.

Number 51: The number 51 is generally considered to be a lucky number for leaders and those in positions of authority. 

Number 52: The compound number 52 is generally considered to be very unlucky. Individuals have an increased risk of failure and loss.

The Takeaway on the Chaldean Number System

Many civilizations have recognized the significance of numbers in our world. One of the oldest and most accurate numerology systems originated in biblical times. It is the Chaldean Numerology system.

Chaldean numerology uses the digits that represent your full name and birth date to decode your destiny and define your higher purpose in life. By interpreting this information, individuals can make choices that lead them to live in harmony with their purpose, ultimately fulfilling their destiny.

Destiny Ahead

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