How To Be Your Inner Self

2021-11-14 by Olivia

This was the most significant step in my journey to resolving the conflict between my inner self and my job. There was a conflict between my identity as an employee and my inner self.

Trying to uncover your inner self can be a tricky process. For one, you hold multiple identities in your life, each with its own set of socially defined values and expectations.

There are many ways to discover your inner self that can transform your life and career.

We were never asked to think about who we were, what we thought, or who we wanted to be. Although we all had our own personalities they were at best hazy.


Alex believes that being connected to his inner self is being connected to the ultimate truth, the inner knowing. By doing this exercise, you have triggered the search process to discover the real you. Soon you will see your inner self and separate from your social identities. You will eventually reach a point where you can clearly identify who you are as an individual. Someone who is deeply rooted in his identity as a father sees his entire life as a father. He will do what is best for his parents.

You are more than your Identities -

An inner self is a voice inside of us, our wiser teacher that knows all the answers and knows us better than anyone else. Connecting to our inner self empowers us and aligns us with our core values, allowing us to live a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Listen now to discover new ways we can connect with ourselves. If you are a strong advocate for filial piety and often extol the virtues of it, then responsibility is probably one of your values.

Establish daily rituals and a positive mindset. Be consistent with your daily health habits. Do not worry if you are having trouble writing the answers. Even if you draw up a blank, there is a real you that lies beneath your social identities, waiting to be uncovered. I was more self-aware when I went to junior college and then university. A lot of it came about from having increased liberty, for example getting to choose my classes and no longer being barked down by teachers. Although it may seem obvious, this was the first time in my life that I felt like I had any control over my life.

Today, my external identities and inner self are in harmony. While there’s definitely still room for improvement, they are quite congruent with one another.

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These people are not able to articulate their own vision, goals, and beliefs beyond what’s imposed by their identities. For every identity, you are expected to have a set of purpose/values/vision/beliefs which may not be exactly the same as your inner self’s purpose/values/vision/beliefs. It is perfectly okay if you don’t know your inner self.


If this doesn’t work, the other option is to remove or change the role altogether. This does not refer to your life roles or social identity.

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He will be in complete loss if or when his parents leave him. Because the anchor that he had been building his life around is gone, his life will spiral out of control. It’s like when the head of the sunflower disappears, all the petals will scatter away since there is nothing to hold them together.

What is inner self examples?

You can be a friend, brother/sister, employee, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, partner, father/mother, son/daughter, all at the same time, but these are just an aspect of you. These are not who you really are. Your inner self is who you really are on the inside.

These identities are what many people spend their entire lives creating. They lose their identity and become lost.

Whats Beneath Your Identities?

It takes a lot of self-awareness and introspection to know your inner self. If you have clarity of at least half of what is listed above, you probably have quite a high level of self-awareness. The journey of self-discovery is a continuous one. Every action should lead you to your inner self. There are two options for you if you feel that your roles do not reflect your inner self. This could involve redefining your identities to reflect who you are.


You can be a friend, brother/sister, employee, boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, father/mother, and son/daughter all at the same time, but these are just an aspect of you. They don’t represent who you fundamentally are on the inside. What I did was to align myself with my inner self while working there and to start my plans to pursue my passion for the long-term. Eventually, I saw the opportunity tomake the leap in 2008.

Ways To Discover Your Inner Self That Can Transform Your Life And Career

Discovering and unraveling it is a life-long process. As an example, I will say that the 10-year-old Celes was not as self-aware than the Celes who was 35 years old or the Celes who was 25 years old.

Thank you for reading!

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Thank you for reading!

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