How To Calculate The Life Path Number

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Before you go, did you know that your Sacred Personality Code is only one number? And it’s this unique number code that reveals every single facet and flaw in your personality. They are great landowners, bankers, builders, and business owners. If you reach totals of 11 or 22 in your final calculations, you don’t need to continue reducing.


All these brilliant cultures developed their own kind of numerology, following similar numerological principles, but using different methods of calculation. Gematria systemChaldean numerology is the oldest form, developed by the Babylonians between 4000 and 3000 BC. Calculations are based on numbers 1-8, which are common numbers, while 9 is holy and negative traits is not used in calculations.


They are driven to create lasting results, maintain systems, and do whatever is necessary. Their personality develops through their efforts to establish themselves in the world.

You Destiny Number is the numerical total of your full birth name. Numerology interprets numbers to be a manifestation or explanation of universal order. It lets you find a relationship between microcosm and macrocosm. It can also explain what happens in the physical world by applying cosmic laws to the universe.

They will find fulfillment if they follow a path that takes them beyond the rest of the population and into the forefront of life. Daily life is full of numbers, which can be calculated and explored in relation to the three prime numbers of a person . There are Lucky Numbers and Repeating Numbers as well as Life Cycle Numbers and Semi-Permanent Numbers. Chaldean systemNumerology was used by the Chaldean system, an ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Hindi civilization.

The Soul Urge is your deepest desire and what you most need emotionally. Your last name calculation represents your Heredity number and the power of your family lineage. There are two heredity numbers to calculate, the surname of your father and the surname of your mother. Many of the living Master Numbers are “wounded healers”, who have had a life-altering experience that leads them to a spiritual path. This is often the beginning of their journey to find and trust their unique voice, purpose, and live a life that is truly authentic. Life Path Number 5s are inquisitive people who believe that experience is the best teacher in the world.

Numerology Numbers

Sarah Jane Smith was born November 3, 1979. Her current year number would be November 3 through November 3 every year. In the year 2020, her number would be November 3, 2020 or 11+3+2020, which equals 9. The following year would be 11+3+2021, which equals 10, which reduces to 1. The Soul Urge number is hidden within a name. It is the sum of all the vowels in the given name. Sarah’s Soul Urge is A+A or 1+1, which equal 2, meaning partnership.

Soul Purpose Number + Destiny Number

This numerical vibration is characterized by a quest to understand how it all works and what it all means. Sevens love learning and need to spend a lot of time studying. Indulging in practical experiments and training is also vital – those on this Life Path are often incredibly talented with their hands.

This is a common question, but the truth of the matter is that no Life Path Number is better than any other. Each number has it’s own positive and negative traits, so the key is to understand the differences between these Life Path Numbers.

Numbers for the Life Cycle

Also hidden within a name is the Personality number, which is the number of the total of all the consonants in the name. In Pythagorean numerology the number is 1+9+8, which equals 18, which reduces to 9. Gematria numerology is 6+5+6, which equals 17. This reduces to 8. Chaldean numerology is 3+2+5, which equals 10. This reduces to 1. The Personality number represents social status and the connection to the material world. The Life Path Number is the leading number in the life of an individual.


Knowing your Life Path Number helps you succeed when you apply yourself according to the meaning of the number. The Life Path number of Sarah’s birth day is 1+1+3+1+9+7+9, which equals 30 and reduces to a 3. Additional calculations reveal more of your personality. Since most people have first, middle, and last names, the calculation of the first name is your Active number. This number, and the energy it represents, is the first energy people most often feel when they greet you and you greet them. The very essence of a person is held within the Life Path Number.

What is the Life Path Number?

The Number 6 is often characterized by family, home and space-holding. It’s very important for these people to find ways to care for and nourish themselves, as they can easily give so much to others that they end up energetically depleted.

Destiny Expression Number

Life Path 11s are known for their extreme lifestyle, which can include a lot of hardships and challenges as well as exciting growth and discoveries. Life Path 6s are people-pleasers who feel indispensable to others.

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Life Path Number 7s are intellectual and studious personalities and often pursue advanced academic careers. These analytical deep-thinkers make great mathematicians, engineers, inventors, scientists, and doctors.

They are people who have a single-minded focus and a devotion to their calling. As reliable people, they embrace

Traditions, security, financial stability and logic are all important. The best energetic direction for you soul in this lifetime is determined by the single digit number of where you were born.