Life Path Number 8 - Careers, Fears, Relationships & Traits

Life Path Number 8 – Careers, Fears, Relationships & Traits

2022-01-21 by Olivia

Numerology studies numbers that appear in your life, like those in your birthdate or the date of significant events.

Your life path number is one study of numerology that explains your talents, weaknesses, and overall life purpose. 

Life Path Number 8 - Careers, Fears, Relationships & Traits

“Although your number 8 life path doesn’t dictate your personality or destiny, it can give you excellent insights into your ideal route.”

Life path number 8 is known for being powerful, ambitious, and assertive. People with this life path number tend to be leaders in their personal and professional lives and understand how to succeed in anything they want to achieve.

With their persistence and competence, eights can have a dream career and find success in every aspect of their lives.

What Is Life Path Number 8 in Numerology?

Life path number 8 is one of 9 life paths in numerology. This particular path is one of the more aggressive life paths, often including people who are natural-born leaders and exhibit a strong desire to have a career and financial success.

Eights also like to have people in their lives who look up to them and rely on them for guidance and leadership.

Calculating Life Path 8 Infographic

You can calculate your life path number by breaking down the numbers in your birthdate to get a sum of 8.

For instance, a birthday of April 2nd, 1973 would yield a life path of 8:

  1. April is the fourth month: 4
  2. April 2nd = 2
  3. Add together the digits of 1973 (1+9+7+3 = 20)
  4. Break this down further to a single digit: 2+0 = 2
  5. Add all the digits together: 4+2+2 = 8 

Although your number 8 life path doesn’t dictate your personality or destiny, it can give you excellent insights into your ideal route. Eights are generally overachievers and driven by success.

This makes them some of the strongest and powerful, according to numerology.

What It Means to Have Life Path Number 8

Like all life path numbers, eights come with both positive traits and negative challenges that can boost or hinder their success through life.

Depending on how one utilizes their abilities as an eight, they can be inspiring and encouraging to others, or they can allow their power to come across as arrogant and intimidating.

Some of the qualities this life path is known for include:


Leadership is, perhaps, the most stand-out quality in eights. Unlike other life path numbers that are more introverted and subtle, eights are natural-born leaders.

They shine when they are in the spotlight, guiding others to success along with themselves. Eights have a unique way of encouraging others to follow them, whether in their personal beliefs or careers.

Numerology Like A Boss

Their strong leadership abilities make eights exceptional in management positions. They can also become leaders of their homes, whether they guide their siblings or their children to follow in their footsteps.

Eights can excel in taking over group projects, managing work tasks, and keeping track of personal finances.

Along with leadership comes influence. Eights can easily influence others positively or negatively. Public speaking and motivational speaking come easily for people with this life path number.

Your strong leadership skills can make you come across as confident, self-aware, and fearless, but even eights that aren’t naturally confident can appear so.


Power is something that eights exude in almost every facet of their lives, but it’s not always something that others look at as a positive trait.

Your power coincides with your leadership skills, but eights must gain control over their power so that it doesn’t spiral into force that lifts you while trumping others.

Numerology 8 - Poseidon Power

Eights are strong individuals who can easily hold influential positions in their professional lives. It’s not uncommon for an eight to become a manager of a department, a business coach, or even a company’s CEO.

They think big and aren’t afraid to use their powerful personalities to get ahead.

Sometimes, that translates to being overbearing or intimidating to others. As an eight, you should find a balance between your power and your relationships with others.

While it’s always good to be determined and steadfast, it can sometimes be challenging for eights to avoid pushing others’ feelings aside to make themselves feel in control.


Life path number eight people typically have entrepreneurial mindsets that can serve them well in starting, growing, and managing a business.

Eights are naturally motivated by money and success, so the possibilities that a successful business can create are very much in line with their ambitious personalities.

Numerology Entrepreneurship

However, this life path does not dictate that entrepreneurship is the best path for eights to take in their careers. The entrepreneurial skillset that eights have can also serve them well in almost any business setting in which they have some type of leadership role.

This includes management, consulting, training or advising, or project management positions. 

Number eights possess creativity, which lends well to their entrepreneurial abilities.

When they blend their creative ideas with their business prowess, eights can develop innovative ideas and strategies for successful business operations, marketing techniques, and industry disruption. 

Paired with other life paths that are also creative and emotional connectors, like 1 and 2, the 8 life path has its best chance to succeed in business.


Fear is something that people with life path number eight don’t like to admit they deal with, but like most people, they do.

Eights can usually mask their fear, though, appearing fearless when around others, which can also make them seem intimidating. 

No Failure, Just Success in Numerology

To some, eights have no fear of failure; in reality, eights are driven by their fear of failure, doing anything within their power to avoid failing in life.

In some cases, an eight might even deny to themselves or others that they’re afraid of something so that they don’t seem weak.

One of the most significant challenges eights face is learning how to accept their fears and grow from them. Eights tend to view fear as a symbol of fragility, but it’s fear that can lead them to the success they so strongly desire.

Fear has the power to help people work to be better, both morally and emotionally, and the same holds true for life path number 8.


Relationships on both a personal and professional can be a struggle with eights. Generally, people with this life path number have trouble connecting with others emotionally.

Eights are excellent leaders and motivators, but their desire to reach the top of whatever group they’re in can sometimes get in the way of blossoming real relationships.

Numerology Heart Tic Tac Toe

Family issues also tend to surround life path number eight. Although bumps in family relationships may lead to strained adult familial relationships, the experiences that eights go through as children and adolescents shape them into the motivated creatures they are. 

Romantic relationships usually work best when eights pair with a patient life path number that remains more emotionally connected to people, like a six.

Emotionally-charged people can give eights the understanding and care that they need to balance their stubbornness in a romantic relationship.


Money is something that drives those with an eight life path number to do what they do every day. Money acts as a motivator and influencer for eights to become successful in their careers to live the lives they want without fear of financial insecurity.

When it comes to an eight’s determination to succeed in a job, it’s money that paves the way.

Numerology 8 Money Growing

Because of their love for money, eights are usually excellent money handlers. They excel at budgeting and planning for the future. It’s common for eights to have a retirement fund and savings account that they contribute to regularly.

They want material things, and they have no problem working more or being wiser with money to get the objects they want.

Money, unfortunately, can become a central issue in relationships involving eights. While an eight clarifies that cash is an essential piece of the relationship puzzle, the other person in the relationship may not view it similarly.

An eight’s money-focused mindset can be one of the biggest power struggles they face in a relationship.

Potential Positive Traits

Many traits that life path eight people possess can be considered positive. Among the most prized characteristics are:

  • Creativity
  • Encouragement
  • Financial stability
  • Empowering
  • Influential
  • Powerful
  • Inspirational
  • Resilient
  • Authoritative
  • Steadfast
  • Organized
  • Motivated
  • A good judge of character

The many positive traits of eights are ones that people look up to in professional settings, especially. The go-getter attitude of eights allows them to excel at almost anything they give their heartfelt attention to.

Numerology 8 Positive and Negative Traits Graphic

Potential Negative Traits

Like all life path numbers, the eight path can come with some drawbacks. Eights tend to be so in tune with their power that they can use it in negative ways toward others.

Eights can delve into corruption and use poor business tactics to succeed in their careers or personal lives.

Eights can also be incredibly stubborn, making it challenging for them to accept others’ ideas when they go against their own.

Eights can, therefore, be challenging to work with and make emotional connections with, as they’re driven more by their mind instead of their heart.

Other negative traits eights can exhibit include:

  • Controlling toward others
  • Argumentative
  • Authoritarian
  • Greedy
  • Conceited
  • Forceful
  • Victim-minded
  • Materialistic
  • Rebellious

Some traits that eights consider to be positive attributes can come across as unfavorable to others if they choose to use them for power and control.

For example, a commanding attitude that isn’t controlled can display as intimidating to others. Under different circumstances, it can come across as confident and secure.

Career Paths for 8s

Determination drives many eights to pursue an undergraduate degree and, eventually, a graduate degree to land a high-profile job and excel in their careers.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see an eight graduate at the top of their class or attend an Ivy League school.

Because eights are so well-rounded and built for success, they can excel in several careers. However, they always seem to hit their stride when they’re in positions of power, like director, manager, or project manager. 

Richard Branson Quote Numerology

The finance industry is one that seems to be made for people with life path number eight. Eights understand how money works, and they’re excellent money handlers.

Accounting, financial management, and business consulting are potential career path options.

Eights can also become lawyers, politicians, business analysts, economists, and other high-level careers that require critical thinking skills, determined personalities, and leaders.

Eights are usually the happiest in their careers when they know that there is a lot of money to make and opportunities that move them up the ladder.

The Balanced 44

When you calculate your life path number, you might end up with a 44, which, when you add the digits together, gives you 8.

A 44 is considered to be the most balanced form of this life path number that allows for the positive traits of an eight to outweigh the potentially harmful characteristics to give them the success they strive for.

Numerology 44 Sign

A balanced eight is intelligent, determined, confident, and intuitive. They trust their gut to pull them in the right direction in their personal and professional lives.

Although they might experience anxiety when it comes to deciding the best path to take, they rarely let it get to them enough to second guess their choices.

Balanced eights keep money as the motivation for their goals, but they also understand that money works in two ways:

  1. Only hard work will produce money.
  2. Money is a symbol of success.

These two factors keep balanced eights hard at work at their jobs to reap the benefits of what they sow.

Living with Life Path Number 8

Life path number 8 is, by nature, determined, aggressive, and dominant. It’s these traits that set them ahead in life and keep pushing them to be better, do better, and achieve every goal they set.

Eights, however, walk a fine line between unfaltering and leading and stubborn and domineering.

Once they find a balance that helps them succeed without stepping on others is where the magic happens.

People with this life path number are destined for success, but only when they can learn that other people and their triumphs are as important as their own.

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