Can You Use A Nickname For A Numerology Reading? [Solved]

Can You Use A Nickname For A Numerology Reading? [Solved]

2022-01-21 by Olivia

It’s natural to wonder if it’s OK to use a nickname for your numerology reading. Don’t feel bad for considering it, it’s not like you’d be replacing the important, deep meaning of your birth name.

Yet, your birth name is likely what you are called at home or school and/or used by relatives.

Can You Use A Nickname For A Numerology Reading?

So is it OK to use a nickname for a numerology reading?

Many people use their nicknames for their numerology readings, especially if they are famous. If you’re not famous and looking for your lucky numbers, then perhaps it makes sense to use your full birth name.

It can obviously get a lot more complicated than this, and using a nickname in your Numerology chart to find your Personality Number attracts several pros and cons.

While some numerologists advocate for it, others say, ‘NEVER.’ There are many different reasons and explanations behind both ideas.

There’s no easy answer to this burning question, so I have outlined several reasons for and against below. Some reasons may resonate with you, but likely not all of them and that’s OK because we’re all beautifully unique.

They are in no particular order and after reading you’ll know what to do.

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Name Significance in Numerology

The name you use in your numerology reading has a lot to do with the number meanings and how they apply to your life.

Numerology is all about numbers, but the true meaning of life rests in the letters that form your name.

As you explore the meanings and origins of your name, you will begin to understand the spiritual energies that may be influencing your life and how you can use them to your advantage.

Reasons For Using Your Nickname In Numerology

#1. You are known by that name.

If your nickname is something you are comfortable with and used to, then why not bring that energy into your reading? It sometimes feels more natural to address someone by their nickname than it does to call them by their full name.

So, why shouldn’t you use your nickname for a numerological reading if you prefer?

#2. Sharing your nickname feels more comfortable and natural.

People tend to share more personal information when they share what is familiar and comfortable. You might feel better speaking about things that fit your personality.

Sharing a nickname instead of your birth name may help you feel more at ease with the process of the Numerology reading.

#3. It is easier to remember and pronounce.

Many nicknames are easy to pronounce. It is less confusing for numerologists when they’re working on the chart. It might be easier to remember details if you use a nickname for a numerology reading when asked to recall about some of your previous lifetimes, for example.

#4. You want to create a name that reflects the environment you live in or the person you are today.

I love this idea! It can be a lot of fun, especially if you are working with several numerologists over time. They can each get to know you in a different way and it’s just plain fun too when you have different nicknames for different circumstances in life.

#5. It feels weird if someone calls you by your full name when they’ve been calling you by a nickname all your life.

If you feel more natural calling yourself by your nickname rather than your full birth name, then perhaps this is something to keep in mind when deciding on whether to use a nickname or full name in a numerology reading.

You may be fine with one, but not the other.

#6. You want your real name kept private for personal reasons.

This has to be one of the most valid reasons for not wanting your real name known. Maybe you want to keep it a secret and only tell people after they have gotten to know you better.

Or maybe you just don’t want your friends and family to always be wondering what you are doing with ‘that crazy numerologist’!

#7. You want to experience the feeling of addressing yourself in a different manner and it gives you a sense of freedom.

This is an admirable reason for trying this out and I encourage it if it feels like the right intention for you.

In essence, having a nickname may be your way of hiding or concealing certain parts of yourself.

Your soul may be expressing itself in new, creative ways that are different from who you were at another time in your life. A nickname is an effective way to hide or conceal those different parts of yourself from others.

You may have had different names or pen-names at home and at school. There is something quite magical about giving voice to those different parts of yourself.

#8. You are worried about a name having negative connotations.

Perhaps you do not want to feel burdened with an old vibration energy that others also attach to your given name, for example.

It can be an exciting way to ensure that your soul’s energy will continue to be expressed in an ever-expanding universe.

Reasons You Should Not Use Your Nickname In Numerology

#1. Birth names carry greater significance.

The full name usually signifies some of the most important events in a person’s life. The nicknames we use today are usually created when we were children and reflect who we were at that time. Some people never grow out of their nicknames.

Some say it’s important that the correct name and spelling be used during the reading so the numerologist can understand what energies you have access to.

#2. Focusing on a nickname might minimize some life lessons.

Your nickname may not adequately express where you are today or, if it does, it may distract from where you are going in your life.

Your full name carries the essence of your soul’s entire journey on this planet, involving lifetimes of lessons learned and skills mastered.

Your full name takes everything into account, and is the complete map of your soul’s path.

#3. A nickname will not reflect accurate numbers in your reading.

Each number in the chart is assigned to a letter of your name. If the “wrong” names are used, the energy associated with each number cannot be given the proper energy it deserves, and the reading may feel off or incomplete.

#4. It’s less professional and may not project an image you want to convey to others.

Some professionals choose to use only the full birth name because of how it projects a more professional image. This may be an important factor if you are running for office, getting a loan, applying for a job, or anything where your name is being used as part of the screening process.

#5. It’s disrespectful to your parents.

Some people feel you should use the full birth name out of respect for your parents who gave you their name in the first place. Everyone’s circumstances are completely different and it’s not for anyone else except you to decide if this is important to you.

#6. Numerologists will get confused if two people have the same name as their nickname.

Since a lot of us have been known by a nickname at home and/or at school, it is possible that someone else has that same name as we do, or even our full birth name. If you and another person have the same nickname, it can be very confusing for the Numerologist. It may be better to go with your legal name to minimize conflict.

#7. Using your real name instead of a nickname preserves life’s meanings for the generations to come.

Using the name that you were given by your parents is not always a bad idea.

It could be a good thing to do it as it will be preserved in the generations to come. It gives meaning and history to your name.

#8. Being completely honest with yourself will be the most helpful.

We are all made up of a mixture of strengths, weaknesses, good and bad character traits. A Numerology reading cannot tell you what your “good” or “bad” traits are. It will not identify your weaknesses; it will not give you a sense of whether you are basically good or bad.

It will tell you the strengths in your personality, but it is up to you to work on your weaknesses and gain self-awareness. This only comes with honestly, self awareness and facing your flaws head on.

If you have been considering getting a numerology reading but are not very familiar with how it works, I highly recommend getting this simple and free reading here. It is very informative and provides a good overview of what to expect during your session, as well as some basic information about yourself and how that can help you make better decisions in life.

What Should You Do If You’ve Only Ever Used A Nickname?

If you’ve decided to use your nickname in your numerology reading, here is how you do it:

First, you have to figure out which number from your true name to use. Although it doesn’t matter which one is used when referring to yourself, there are certain numbers that work better than others in certain areas of your life.

It is important that you know in advance what area of your life is being read before you choose a specific number from your birth name.

What to do if you’re name has changed by marriage?

This is a delicate situation and there isn’t an easy answer to it. You can go by your new married name if you like, but I am not a fan of it.

If you use this option, just remember to use the same number from your married name that you would have used from your birth name.

For example, if someone with the name Christine was given the birth name ‘7’ and then got married and took on the new married name of ‘Morgan’, then her number for both names would be 7.

An even better method is to just use the same number that you used in the past before you got married. For example, let’s say that Christine (7) got married to Bruce (2) and they chose to go by his name.

If she still wanted to use her birth name, she could still take the number 7, which is what she is used to going by.

When you’re trying on a new name for size, it’s helpful to have a little cheat sheet of tips of what each number means and how you can use it in your life.

What If Your Name Has Changed For A Different Reason?

While less common, this is still important for a large group of people – sometimes people will change their names because they have changed their sex or gender identity.

A woman or man who has come out as transgender may decide to take on a new name to match their identity. For example, if you were born Emily and wanted to identify as a male, you may decide to use the name EJ at work or school instead of Emily.

Or you might use your birth name, but just change the pronunciation. For example, if your name is Emily and you want to identify as male, you might decide to use the name Em instead.

If your name has changed for this reason, I suggest trying on different versions of your new name to see which one feels most natural! It’s even okay if you go back and forth between two different versions depending on the situation.

How To Get An Amended Birth Certificate To Reflect Your Name Change?

To obtain an amended birth certificate, you will need to contact the Vital Records office in the state where you were born for information on how to request one and what documents are required.


I don’t believe it’s completely necessary to use your original birth name in a numerology reading, despite some strong arguments for using your full legal name.

I believe that making a choice of which name to use is more about honoring your true self, as well as not distracting too much from where you are today and where you are going.

My best advice for selecting which name to go with is this:

Use the most authentic version of your name that you can, meaning the one that most accurately reflects who you are today. For me, it’s my nickname because I’ve used it more than my legal name and I just feel more natural using it.