Best Numerology Chart for your Life Path Number? [Solved]

Best Numerology Chart for your Life Path Number? [Solved]

2022-01-21 by Olivia has become one of the most notable names in online numerology practices, and it provides a full variety of products. From customized readings and a helpful numerology chart to instructional products, you can find free and paid resources to help on your numerology journey.

Best Numerology Chart for your Life Path Number? [Solved]

Numerology seeks to understand the connections between numbers and the world around us.

This practice can extend from not only to dates and events that happen to them, but also the relationships between numbers and names, words, and ideas. 

Similar to understanding horoscopes, there’s a vast amount of information involved in numerology. So how can we learn how to interpret this practice?

Is what this site has to offer well worth it? We’ve written our Numerologist review to help you figure out if you should buy this course or not.

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What Does the Numerologist Offer? How Good Is Their Numerology Chart?

As mentioned, has a variety of content available in both paid and free format. Here are a few of the options you’ll find for enhancing your understanding of numerology.

Numerologist Blog has a variety of free informational posts via their blog. This is one of the most accessible resources to navigate and learn on, though it focuses on essential information.

Best Numerology Chart for your Life Path Number? [Solved]

While not a dedicated “course,” the blog is a suitable place to see what kind of information you’ll learn.

Looking over it can help determine if you want to learn more about numerology as a practice—and if you’re going to dive more in-depth with the other products available from

Numerologist Email Lessons’s next option for learning more about the practice of numerology is through their email lessons.

You can subscribe to these lessons directly, but anyone who receives one of the site’s free numerology reports will automatically receive these lessons as well.

These lessons talk about both the basics and the advanced numerology concepts, providing more detail regularly. Though you will need to sign up for a mailing list, you can learn the concepts in depth.

These email numerology lessons will also connect to the numerology reports.

This connection is nice, as it allows you to learn more about the concepts in numerology and see them applied to your own life, which can help the information stick better.

These lessons also come with bonus information in the email newsletters, such as connecting numerology to other divination methods and other personal growth tips.

It’s a nice blend of concentrated lessons and additional information, all packed into one convenient mailing list so you can always have new experiences coming in.

Like accessing the Numerologist blog, this learning course is also free, though you may receive other promotional offers.

Numerologist Manifesting with Numbers Video Course & Numerology Chart

When it comes to paid options, numerology has numerous paid products, including paid reports based on your specific numerology details. Among those offerings is the Manifesting with Numbers course, which comes with:

  • 16 video modules
  • Transcripts
  • Audio MP3s
  • Activation rituals
  • Four pieces of bonus content
Best Numerology Chart for your Life Path Number? [Solved]

According to numerology, the purpose of the course is to help you “unlock the secret manifestation power of numbers.”

These details include not only teaching you more about understanding your numerology reading, but also ways to invoke the power of numbers better in your daily life.

As a dedicated course package, the Manifesting with Numbers course has some of the most in-depth details that’s offerings have to offer.

Considering that this is a paid option, it makes sense that you’d get the most out of it. You also receive all the information upfront, rather than a subscription format.

The quality of this product is undoubted, with the video modules not only having comprehensive information but a polished presentation.

Since the course also comes with audio files and transcripts, the lessons are accessible in various formats, which is a nice touch.

You can quickly learn through your preferred option.

The included activation rituals help you gain better control over the numbers in your life, while the bonus materials add unique content to your Numerology experience.

All the materials for this course come from experienced numerologists, giving in-depth and knowledgeable info to those who purchase it.

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Best Numerology Chart for your Life Path Number? [Solved]

At full price, the Manifesting with Numbers Video Course is $497, which can be quite the investment for someone new to learning about numerology as a whole.

At the time of writing, is offering the course for a sale price of $247. While a more reasonable price, this can be a substantial investment for some, making it the course’s biggest con.

Who Is the Numerologist Course for?

These numerology resources are not for everyone.

While the blog and email lessons may be more suitable for someone taking a passing interest in the subject, newbies may find the Manifesting with Numbers package more than they bargained for—especially with the price tag.

Best Numerology Chart for your Life Path Number? [Solved]

Since numerology as a system is similar to horoscopes, only people who genuinely believe in it will find these offerings and products worthwhile.

For those who are only looking into it out of curiosity,’s free resources will probably be plenty enough for you to see the basics.

However, for those who want to learn more about the subject in-depth and have tools to integrate the practice into their own lives, Manifesting with

Numbers is an option for you, especially if you’ve already begun to learn the basics on the subject. For these people, the purchasing cost may not seem like a hurdle.

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Who’s Behind the Numerologist Course?

The team behind and the Numerologist Course consists of numerologists, writers, and teachers. As a group, this team works to provide the best possible numerology resources available to its users.

Best Numerology Chart for your Life Path Number? [Solved]

Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of our Numerologist review.


  • Content provided by numerology experts
  • Free and paid options available
  • Provides detailed information to help you understand more about the practice
  • Video resources are accessible
  • Refunds available for paid products


  • It can be a bit pricey for some people.

Final Verdict: Is the Numerology Course Worth It?

After all that, what’s the final verdict of our Numerologist review?’s resources come in various forms, but they all focus on teaching users about the tenants of numerology and how to use them to inform their lives better.

You can easily break these down into free resources and paid ones.

The free resources are going to be enough for plenty of people, especially when they’re learning the basics of what makes numerology tick.

Between the blog posts and the mailing list lessons, there’s more than enough info to understand what’s going on. intends these resources to pair up with their readings so that users can learn in context.

If you’re new to numerology, we suggest starting with this and see where your interest in this topic takes you.

Best Numerology Chart for your Life Path Number? [Solved]

If you’ve already done the work and want to get more serious about understanding how numbers can impact your life, you may want to consider the Manifesting with Numbers Course.

These resources make use of the same experts that run’s resources, and they do so while diving into more advanced numerology concepts.

The videos provided in this course are informative, and their production has a level of quality that speaks to the care that the team has put into it.

The use of transcripts and audio files also makes these lessons more accessible. This product comes with the supplies necessary for activation rituals to embrace the power of the numbers in your life fully.

While this course is undoubtedly pricey, does provide sixty-day refunds on any purchases the buyer is unhappy with, allowing you to backtrack if you decide it’s not for you.

For anyone interested in taking a deep dive and has the money to do so, this course is well worth the investment.

What Other Numerologist Products Are Available?

After you’ve learned more about numerology, it’s only natural to want to apply that information on a deeper level. has plenty of options for when it comes to understanding more about your life’s numbers. Aside from the free numerology report that you can receive, you can also find:

Best Numerology Chart for your Life Path Number? [Solved]
  • Daily Numeroscope booklets
  • The Deluxe Numerology Report
  • The Annual Numerology Forecast
  • The Cosmic Collection Report
  • Monthly Astrology booklets
  • Abundance Angels meditation journey
  • Life Path Illuminations

These products aim to help people better understand themselves and their lives concerning numerology and other practices, like astrology.

When receiving your personalized, in-depth numerology reports, having the background knowledge on how this process works can further enrich your understanding of these products.

If you choose to purchase a product from, it’s essential to remember that this practice isn’t a guarantee of events to come in your life.

However, if it can help you gain better insight into yourself and encourage you to enhance your life further, then there’s no harm to it at all.

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