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Numerology Basics – A Beginners Guide to Numerology

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An awesome companion to astrology, Modern numerology dates back many thousands of years. There are even Egyptian texts that suggest that they were the earliest users of this system. The Chinese use numerology basics for feng shui purposes. Humans have keen senses, and the universe is sending signs to the physical world to help us understand.


Numerology offers us a way of reconciling the mystical with the science of numbers. The information that basics of numerology provides makes it easier for us to relate the meaning to our feelings and experiences. We can also use the process to reinforce another mystical sign by providing additional, such as those from recurring digits, tarot cards and astrology.

numerology is everywhere
Numerology is everywhere. Master number 33

Numerology uses a simple method of converting birth names and dates to a numerical value. The belief is that we earn our birth names from the forces of the universe. The universe names both our physical and non-physical selves.

This means that our names are a form of code containing information that has both energetic and symbolic meaning. The technique of translating text characters to numbers is also often used to study ideas and concepts.

Life Path Numbers

One of the most notable aspects of numerology is that the calculations are simple. The base numbers of 1 to 9 form the basic numbers that cover many date conversions — while 11, 22, and 33 are the Master Numbers.

The Life Path Number reveals your greater purpose, as well as a strong sense of  strengths and weaknesses.

The Master Numbers are significant since these represent higher vibration and energy frequencies. A Life Path Number can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22, or 33. In some cases, Life Paths can have both a base number and a Master Number, such as 33 can also be 6 (3+3 = 6).

Name Numerology, how to calculate

To calculate your Life Path Number, you need the full date of birth, including the full four digits of the year. These numbers go through a reduction process until they reach a base number.

The date 11/12/2000 becomes 11/1+2/2+0+0+0. We can then proceed to add them (11+3+2 = 17). Further reductions lead to 1+7 = 8 — so the Life Path Number is 8.

This is a popular method to calculate your life path is due to its levels of accuracy in a numerology reading for our future and purpose. The Life Path Number is a way of guiding individuals through their natures, long-term goals, feelings, dreams, and desires.

Making a Numerology Chart for Other Numbers

These numbers come from adding the numerical value of your full name, including the middle name. An easy and helpful first step is to create a numerology chart that will allow you to speed up the process. This chart will be useful if you are trying to calculate the number for yourself or other people. The chart is not related to the Life Path Number, for which you must still use the date of birth.

Using the name James (+) Dean as an example, we can assign a number to each letter. The full name would add up to 1+1+4+5+1 (+) 4+5+1+5 = 27. Then, we reduce 27 to 2+7, which gives us the single digit of 9. We can then apply the single digit number 9 to James Dean’s Expression Number.

Some names will result in Master Numbers in numerology, as with the Life Path Numbers. There are also cases of names containing both one of the 1-9 numbers and Master Numbers. Using the full birth name will make a great improvement to the accuracy of the result.

Expression, Soul Urge, and Personality Numbers

The three main alternative numbers are as vital as one another in learning and developing an energy guide. The three terms are Expression Number, Soul Urge Number, and Personality Number.

Expression or Destiny Number

In a Numerology Reading, the Expression Number is a representation of prospects throughout the person’s lifetime. These prospects can be in the form of ambitions, dreams, or wishes. This number also tells us of growing talents or natural abilities that will need encouraging.

Soul Urge Number

Sometimes referred to as the Heart’s Desire Number, it speaks of what your heart desires, the true urges of your soul. The method of calculation differs from the Expression Number and uses the vowel but not the consonants of the name.

This is a good way of determining some of the deepest feelings that drive us forwards. Long-term goals, preferences, and a course of action are all here, in the Soul Urge Number.

Personality Number

Again, the calculation method differs as it uses the consonants and not the vowels of the full birth name. This number characterizes you and how you present yourself to others. The Personality Number also offers greater insight into how others perceive you.

The Universe has given us the power of numbers. This is the basics of numerology and the information is our for the taking — all we need to do to is decode it.