numerology number 18 married life

Numerology Number 18 Marriage Life – Definitive Guide

2022-01-21 by Olivia

Number 18 personality traits are summarized in a single word: balance. Balance is what they were born for. Their life will be in a state of harmony and tranquility. They’re extremely intuitive and use their knowledge to achieve great things. 

A Numerology number 18 marriage life represents true partnership, which encapsulates the strongest energy of all – love. This personality number, when in love, is extremely loyal and faithful.

The number 18 is a master number in numerology. Even when influenced by its complementary numbers 1 or 8, it has the highest vibration of powerful energies, as well as jealousy, control, and resistance to change.

In a nutshell, it’s a passionate number. It expects equal care and a higher standard of its lovers and companions. It is not opposed to outsiders, but more in favor of those who are part of its own community – those who have a similar interest, task, or goal.

If you or your partner is a number 18, then I encourage you to keep reading.

Being married to a numerology number 18 is like stepping through the doorway into a new world, one with a unique spiritual energy, completely different set of rules and realities than you have ever experienced before. 

Let’s dive in.

The Number 18: What is It?

The significance of number 18 in numerology is extremely powerful. Usually, the results obtained from the addition of the figures on this number when it is calculated will be equal to nine (9).

The number 18 can provide good fortune with a series of successes in an infinite number of ways, all of which can have a very positive effect on the happy family life of someone who possesses this number. 

Marriage and personal life, work and finance, as well as freedom and independence, are considered to be the strongest combinations in terms of relationships. 

In numerology, the number 18 will have both of these advantages.

Numerology number 18 marriage life

The Numerology Number 18 Marriage Life

In terms of wedlock, a relationship with the numerology number 18 can result in a very happy marriage life. But this is only if there is a high compatibility within the relationship, and a mutual combination of energies.

When people marry and have children, it is very important that they know if they are compatible with each other. When the number 18 is added with other numbers, it creates a positive outcome.

In marriage, the number 18 falls in the category of being compatible with most numbers and they can also be an amazing loyal friend.

The symbolic meaning of the numerology number 18 is a very interesting number as it serves different meanings.

While some of these meanings are positive and productive, the negative meanings of the number 18 are quite harmful to society.

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Benefits of a Marriage With the Number 18

Positive benefits of a marriage with the number 18 are many. The number can bring money and wealth to its owner, but it also brings happiness in life.

The reason for the positive of this number is the fact that it consists of only 1 and 8.

The individual digits together will mean that life will be good for those yet to have their wedding ceremony,  and the already happily married couple alike, and that they will be able to help others in need.

Disadvantages of a Marriage With the Number 18

The number 18 is a special number that brings both good things and bad energy.

The deeper meaning indicates that the person is an all-rounder because it rewards with money, happiness, help and many other positive vibrations, in return for the betterment of humanity.

The number is also a sign of success and it is very important that the owner thinks positively about the number.

Unfortunately, bad things also come along with the number 18, such as domestic violence, anger and stress in marriage.

But, with a sharp mind, and a focused life path and goal, such as working with a humanitarian organization, the married life will bear no negatives – only a happy life.

Numerology Number 18 – When to get married

If you have a deep connection to your partner, and they are a number 18 you should get married in summer or winter, not in spring or autumn, because the number 18 is a very special number and it needs to be taken care of with extra attention.

Winter is the best time of year to get married numerology number 18 because it is a time of rest, reflection and renewal.

Summer is the best time of year to get married if you are a number 18 because it is the most joyful season and you are both likely to be in a good mood.

Spring is the best season of the year for romance, but it is not a good season to get married, because this is a time of new beginnings and you number 18’s will be busy moving forward with your lives.

Also, things are prone to changing quickly. No one knows what the weather will be like in spring, so it is difficult to plan anything for this season.

During autumn you might want to consider getting married, but your number 18 should still give it careful thought. This is also a time of new beginnings and you are likely to be busy with all the preparation for winter.

What to do to ensure a happy marriage

If you are a number 18, when you get married, you should try to avoid these habits and activities: gambling, risky investments or businesses, overspending your budget on unnecessary items.

Also, you should be careful not to get too involved in other people’s affairs. You should also try to avoid being too critical or judgemental about someone else’s decisions.

Numerology Number 18 and the future of your marriage

The number 18 is a quiet, hardworking and reliable number. If you want to return the love and affection of your partner, you should always remember that you have to always give back more than what you have received.

Being affectionate and using kind words goes a long way in building a successful marriage with someone whose birth date with the lucky number 18.

They are normally not the type of person to show their emotions through physical contact such as kissing or hugging. However, they can also be extremely affectionate when they feel the need. 


The numerology number 18 life path marriage is filled with luck and blessings when it comes to their romantic relationships and daily life. The bride and groom will be constantly seeking happiness and this may often gravitate them to the wrong things.

They seek happiness through material objects, physical comfort and security. This is a natural thing and not something to worry about. They will just need to be careful that they do not make bad decisions because of the fear of losing what they have.

Points to keep in mind:

  • You can marry in the summer or winter.
  • Winter is the perfect season for a wedding because it is a period of healing, relaxation, and regeneration.
  • Keep in mind that you must still offer more than you get.
  • Being affectionate and utilizing kind language go a long way toward establishing a happy marriage with someone whose birth date coincides with the lucky number 18
  • number 18’s like routine and repetition in life. they are often good at following a routine and plan
  • They are reserved emotionally, and they do not easily reveal their emotions to others.
  • They may have problems with practical matters, as well as with money management.
  • may be unhappy with their appearance, as they are not often concerned with their appearance.
  • They can be impatient and moody because they do not like to wait for anything.

Happy marriage!