Numerology Personal Year When Does It Start

2021-12-20 by Olivia

In Personal Day cycles they are based on the time of your birth. People born in the evening, or early morning, sometimes feel the Personal Day cycles are more accurate if shifted one day forward or backward, respectively. This is traditionally the most difficult year for people, especially those who are not used to change. You are in the stage of expansion, both physically and mentally.

If you feel restricted in any area of your life you can bet that there will be disruption, be it in a relationship, work, home environment, or really any self-imposed limitation. You are being challenged to make a personal transition.

Personal Year Number

It is up you to take the risks necessary to make this change possible. Be bold, think outside the box, and let your curiosity run wild! If you don’t take advantage of this freedom, it will be another nine years until you can. The Personal Year is a cycle of energy that lasts one year. The personal years run sequentially 1, 2, 3, … up to 9 at which point they start over again.

Is numerology a science?

Numerology is the art of telling the future with the help of numbers. This is an occult science which has been around for thousands of years but understood better after the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, explained the concept or principles behind mathematics.

-You will feel a strong sense of independence, which will push you to take risks and do things differently. For example, my birth month is September , my birthday is the 1st , and the current year is 2012. Now, reduce each of those three numbers to a single digit by adding them together. Life is built on cycles, and we are also subject to them.

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Includes a skype session, in person session, and digital recording. Once you have taken your birth month, date, and current year and reduced all of the numbers to a single digit, you add them all together.

It is hard to believe that January would be my personal year. My birthday is December 12. This month is personal month 7. Only now have I found the quiet time to be with myself. All my energy is spent on my 1 year-old daughter and trying to be happy with my husband. I think I need to learn more about the transit and essence numbers, maybe that will help iron out some of these discrepancies! If the case is that I am indeed in my 7 year, I feel like it was wasted because I got no time at all to explore my spiritual proclivities beyond the norm…. Think of your birth day as a powerful force that pulls and guides all your cycles, including the Personal Year cycle.

So, while your caring for everyone else, be sure to do the same for yourself. Strong emotional sensitivities will try to find a way into something receptive. Sometimes this is through a relationship. You might find yourself attracted to many people, or you may attempt to reconcile relationships or be a strong focus on one intimate relationship. If you are in a relationship there may be a new balance that is struck or a refinement that is achieved. In work, you may find yourself working closely with others. Understanding and cooperation are the keys to your success.

It is important to have a sense of understanding in order to use this reflective process. This year you will have the opportunity to find a greater sense of harmony and inner peace, especially within the family unit. This is often when people start to dream of a family or a marriage. If you are working too much, then now is the time to balance your home life with work, even if you have to get a new job to do this.

Find your Destiny or Life Purpose Number

Your intuition is magnified this year and you may have psychic flashes or dreams that even shock you. These are the insights from your unconscious, which are trying to help you tap into your power. You might be looking for perfection in all aspects of your life. In this light, this is a great time to start diets or detoxifying programs anything that allows you to feel pure. This year will be challenging for anyone looking to start a relationship. If you are already in a relationship, it may end. This time is about getting reacquainted with the essence of who you are and unfortunately, it is necessary to do this alone.

How do I calculate my personal day?

Add up the Date, Month of Birth, the month and year that you are trying to find out (lucky, unlucky), and the number months since the last birthday. Add all of these together and reduce it to a single digit. That will be the personal month number of the person.

And next year, oh boy, dealing with transformation, yikes! Yes, you will feel a lot of movement and change, but I wonder if there is also change in your relationships, heart, and love, or even loss.

Up to you, of course, what you would like to believe in. Personal Month cycles are calculated by

adding the current month to your Personal Year cycle.

Each end has a cusp period, just as Personal Year cycles. It’s time to journey inside yourself, to be alone and reexamine your goals, relationships, and behaviors. You might find yourself drawn to spiritual and philosophical subjects in order to understand the hidden truths about life. There is something about these ideas that fit your current frame of mind. This is an ideal time to seek wisdom, either from within yourself or from that of a counselor or healer.

Does life go in 7 year cycles?

Astrology refers to a seven-year cycle that can dramatically change our reality and our human existence. You guessed it, seven years are filled with shifts and changes in cosmic energy that have major effects on our lives.

Numerology suggests that there are 9 stages of development that we must go through in order to grow and mature. The same themes are repeated throughout our lives. The underlying principle is the same, even though the events may be different. Perhaps you are interested in a shorter session that focuses on a specific topic.

Your responsibility needs to be to your family. You might need to help an elderly parent or a distant relative who is becoming more important. Nurturing and helping others will be expected of you. You may be needed more by your friends than ever before, and you may be sought out by people you don’t know. With all this sacrificial behavior, don’t neglect your health. Sometimes, it is easy to neglect your body’s needs because you work so hard.

Numerologists often go from birthday to birthday. I, however, calculate my personal year starting when the year changes. It sort of makes sense, because to find your personal year , you add the month and day of your birthday to the year. So when the year changes, your personal year theme changes. This year is all about letting go and finishing. You will feel a strong emotional bond to things and people, which may cause you to hold on rather than release, even to hurtful memories or bad situations.

This year could be a year of harmony and peace — a year to heal and move on from past hurts. My birthday is the beginning of my personal year, regardless of what science and mathematics may say.