What Does Birth Number 3 Mean

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But, they are independent and confident as well. The energy of three allows them to bounce back from any setbacks. Also, they love money – may be too much so they will have much success but also be tempted with get rich schemes. It is better to not demand equality (at the very least, make sure that number 3 doesn’t find out about it). People like number 3 want to dominate in everything.

  • They can be restless and careless yet easy going.
  • You have an optimistic attitude and are always bubbling with positive energy.
  • Three people will be born on their birthday. They will have beautiful, brilliant children.
  • You are kind, compassionate, understanding and tolerant of others.
  • These people are outspoken and always aware of their actions.
  • Despite of having a good nature many people consider them their enemies.

Jupiter is the Lord of Number 3. These people are strict about discipline, and behave like rulers. Because of this nature their subordinates treat them as their enemies. Those born on the 3rd are outgoing and creative. Dance, music, and writing are all possible choices.

Numerology Rational Thought 6: Paying Attention to Detail

Their sexual life may be characterized as bright and powerful. Birthday number 3 people are honest, intelligent, confident and very dedicated to what they do. They expect to be followed and obey their orders.

Number 3 being stubborn in nature can attract enemies in life. They are a dictator who offends many people. They are unable to make right choice regarding people and are unable to categorize between friends and enemies. Number 3 people should control their tendency to gain supremacy in perpetuity.

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Courage and ambition are the main characteristics of birthday number 3. They are hunters in relationships and the intrigue and mystery of their partner drive them crazy.

They don’t like being an employee. They would rather be the boss, or work for themselves. They are extremely conscientious in carrying out their duties. They are trustworthy and responsible in their positions.


These people are loud and conscious of their actions. They try to keep them away from any kind of illusions. They do not allow any flexibility in operations. You are able to deal with any situation and bounce back from mental and physical setbacks. People admire your friendly demeanor and cool attitude. Sometimes you may develop an unrealistic attitude.

This means that the person they choose should have a strong character and be able to accept their power. They won’t stay with a partner who is stronger than them.

Children of birthday number 3 will be beautiful and bright. Everyone loves their children. However, they can also be pushy and overbearing for parents. Your birthday number is a very important number in numerology.

According to the western astrology, Jupiter rules the people of this number. Number 3 is the reflection of three triangles and is considered to bring strength, spirit and material things in control. People with number 3 are bold, have leadership qualities and are full of ambition.

What does it mean to have a birth number of 3?

People born under Sun Number 3 are known for being problem solvers. They are creative and can quickly come up with solutions. They are innovative and have a unique approach to everyday life problems. They are optimistic and have a childish side to them that makes them endearing yet annoying.

Despite of having a good nature many people consider them their enemies. People with number 3 are ambitious, disciplined in nature and want to rule. They can be a president in any department of defence and government administration.

You are kind, compassionate, understanding and tolerant of others. You have an optimistic attitude and are always bubbling with positive energy. Your dynamism and courageous attitude makes you to initiate new projects.

Number 3 people are disciplined and like to set their own rules and have no one to follow them. People with number 3 spend money with both hands.

Your interest lies in different and varied fields which can make you a pioneer in many fields. They will share and give what they have to their family and others less fortunate. They can be restless and careless yet easy going. Also, they are energetic, affectionate and loving. People born on the third day of the month are hardworking and ambitious.

If they do not choose it as a career choice, it may be a hobby or a side job. They will be great dressers and home decorators. They are the birthday number three people. Their choices have a natural harmony. They are good communicators and can express themselves well. They are good with speech, expression and possibly singing. They are quiet in nature but are always in a hurry and can be cunning sometimes with their outspoken nature.

They don’t have enough money to pay for the things they need, and they live a difficult life. Always remember that one should have desires in accordance with their affordability to live a decent and peaceful life. Numerology’s number 3 is a powerful number. Jupiter is the Lord of number 3, and people who are of this number are greatly influenced by Jupiter.

What is so special about the number three?

In their eyes the number 3 was considered as the perfect number, the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. … It was also the number time – past and future; birth, life, and death; beginning, middle and end – it was the number for the divine.

Nobody should risk and calm down or limit this person without any reason. In this case relationships can be great only if another partner understands that he or she is rather subordinate or second pilot.

Birthdays are significant for many reasons. It can be more important than your age. It can also determine the course and direction of your life. People born on the third are more likely to be friends with others who were born on the same number as them. They are more comfortable with threes than they are with other numbers.