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What is an angel number? A simple guide

2021-05-10 by Olivia

Recently, I have started spotting repeating sequences of numbers, wherever I go, and whatever I do. For example. I wake up from a nap at 1:11, or I buy something for $2.22, and then, the same day, I go to bed at 2:22 AM. At first, this was something that seemed very strange to me until I figured out what it is.

Anyhow, although what angel numbers mean might not have so much significance to the vast majority of people, you have probably heard of those people who really go nuts when their clock hits 11:11.

This made me start thinking about how each and every one of us has guardian angels who are helping us through our earthly journey by sending sings to us, that is, the repeating sequences of numbers.

What is an angel number? The Most Common Sequences


Keep seeing angel number 111? This is actually an angel number that carries one of the most powerful energy signatures. So, whether you receive $1.11 in change for coffee or meal or you see 1:11 at your clock, the angels are communicating and secretly telling you that it is a time in your life to begin trusting yourself and trust your intuition and that you should start manifesting your dreams.


According to experts, if you keep seeing this angel number, then it is time to keep planting your seeds (with your finances, at your job, or in a relationship). The pure angel number meaning of 222 is all about metaphorical farming. I couldn’t believe how many times I have noticed angel number 222 on clothing price tags, bills, or even on a mailbox.


This personal angel number is showing you that you need to keep moving forward fearlessly. It is a reminder that the universe knows what you are actually working toward and what you really want. So if you recently started noticing 333, take the final action steps toward your greatest dreams!

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As a psychic medium, this is definitely the angel’s favorite numeric sequence. Through the number 444, angels are trying to remind us that they are near us, supporting us. Therefore seeing this number when you are blue or feeling low may be extremely reassuring and comforting.


A couple of times, I have experienced episodes, where I felt like every single piece of my life, is shifting. It’s a sign from the universe that Angel number 555 is telling us now is a perfect moment for transformation. A new, better path is there, right in front of us, emerging – we just need to take the next action steps.


This number represents integrity, balance, and beauty. 666 is related to material concerns, so don’t be surprised if you see this number when you are concerned about your finances, home, career, and so on.


Angel number 777 is about energy shifting and spirituality. It happens to me to see this number everywhere when I’m in a period of focusing on my psychic readings, spirituality, that is when looking for a new spiritual advisor or practices.


The number 888 points to a lesson of responsibility and balance. Sometimes I find it difficult to let go of the responsibilities that are not mine to deal with. Besides that, the number 888 might be also a hint from the spiritual guides that we have easy access to the abundance of the universe, which further means that angels are more than willing to help us to bring more of that abundance into any other area of our lives, like health, career, romance, etc.


The number 9 indicates that all things end and life is cyclical. It seemed pretty silly to me at first, but you might see 999 or a split angel number such as 909 on a vehicle’s license plate as your coming back from a college or high school graduation ceremony. Wondering why so? Because as I have told you, it is a reminder that one chapter in our lives is ending.

Angel Number Meaning – Spiritual Health

The meaning of angelic number sequences is tightly connected to a zodiac sign, vibrational frequency and the inner feeling you have when seeing angel numbers.

They can absolutely have the exact same meaning for people, but the way people experience them and apply them to their unique scenarios is what makes them unique.

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