What Is My Personality Number? Find Out the Easy Way!

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Find you personality number

Whether you’ve studied numerology or not, there’s a good chance you heard something about personality numbers. Read on to learn what they are, how to find yours, and what it means to you! 

How Numbers Affect Our Lives

Did you know that numerology dates back to Ancient Greece? The famous philosopher Pythagoras (you probably learned about the Pythagorean theorem in math class) often receives credit for founding numerology. 

Numerology Pythagoras

Pythagoras and his followers studied philosophy, music, and, of course, mathematics. They developed several theories based on mathematical principles that we still use today. 

More importantly, for our purposes, the Pythagoreans believed in and discussed the mystical properties of numbers. They believed that numbers influence our lives to the extent that you can reduce everything in our world to a numerical value. 

Categories of Numbers

Pythagoreans categorized numbers in several ways, not solely in terms of math and geometry. They developed descriptions of each number to explain non-numerical traits.

For example, Pythagoreans associated odd numbers with masculinity and even numbers with femininity. 

Pythagorus female even numbers

Applying Numbers to Our Lives

Numerologists confer with charts to identify relationships between your numbers and different aspects of your life. Interpreting your numbers allows numerologists to recommend different things ranging from lucky numbers to optimal career paths. 

Child Pythagoras theory

Finding your numbers involves converting your name into numbers, which we’ll discuss later. Of note, some numerologists also consider your birthdate in your analysis. 

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A Word About Master Numbers

Master number 11

Most aspects of numerology use single digits, one through nine. However, there are three Master Numbers that numerologists keep in their double-digit forms.

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 have special significance in numerology and exhibit powerful qualities. 

What Are Core Numbers?

Modern numerology considers five core numbers that are central to your existence. Each number represents a different part of who you are and influences a unique aspect of your life. 

1) Life Path Number

Based on your birth date, your life path number is the most important because it represents your destiny. Every challenge and lesson you face shapes who you are meant to be in this life, and your life path number serves as a guide. 

2) Birthday Number

Your birthday number is the easiest core number to calculate. It’s just the day of the month you were born. Each birthday number carries a unique energy and tells you a lot about your individual gifts and talents. 

3) Expression Number

Your expression number, or destiny number, identifies your strengths and weaknesses. Expression numbers help you focus your energies on the proper areas of life (your strengths). 

4) Soul Urge Number

What is your heart’s desire? Your soul urge number is the answer. It motivates your ideals, decisions, and dreams.

5) Personality Number

The last core number is your personality number. It’s the side of yourself that you share with the world. 

What is a Personality Number?

Over time, numerologists expanded numerical associations and applied numerology to many aspects of human life, including personality. Your personality number is a core number that reflects many aspects of who you are.

It also provides insight into the type of first impression you make and how people respond to you.

Different numerology personalities

Personality numbers can tell you what types of people you like and how you react to situations. Your personality number can help you understand yourself and learn self-love.

Some people even believe that personality numbers influence the clothes you wear. 

What is My Personality Number?

Now that you understand the importance of core numbers, especially your personality number, you’re probably wondering, “what is my personality number?”

You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to calculate your personality number.

What is my personality number in Numerology

Though numerology can be complicated, many aspects can be simplified and still help you. Calculating your personality number is only the first step in using it to make predictions and decisions related to your life. 

Assign Numerical Values to the Letters of Your Name

To calculate your personality number, you start by assigning numerical values to each letter of your name. Numerologists use an alphabet to number conversion chart to assign values. In this case, you only use the consonants in your name. 


Notice that the letter “Y” is considered a consonant for these purposes. For this example, we’ll use a fake name to demonstrate – Dorian Gray.

4 9  5 79 7

Calculate Your Personality Number

Calculating Dorian Grays personality number

Start by adding the numbers of the first name. In this case, 4 + 9 + 5 = 18. You need a single digit, so add 1 + 8 = 9. 

Then, add the numbers of the second name. Here you have 7 + 9 + 7 = 23. Add 2 + 3 to get a single digit of 5.

Now, add the first name and last name together, 5 + 9 = 14. Again, you want to reach a single digit, so add 1 + 4. 

Dorian Gray’s personality number is 5. What is yours? 

What Does My Personality Number Mean?

Once you know your personality number, you can find a lot of information about what it means to you. Your personality number may provide insights to help you navigate life.

personality number navigate life

Though personality numbers can tell a lot about who you are, we created a mini-guide to each number with some of the base-level information.

  • Personality Number 1 suggests you are ambitious, driven, and a born leader. 
  • Personality Number 2 coincides with honesty and trustworthiness. These people appreciate philosophy and tend to bring peace to groups.
  • Personality Number 3 usually indicates a lucky streak. These individuals take advantage of opportunities and make friends easily.
  • Personality Number 4 individuals are family-oriented, consistent, and pragmatic.
  • Personality Number 5 often involves risk-taking and travel with a love of public relations.
  • Personality Number 6 correlates with warmth, good hearts, and inner peace.
  • Personality Number 7 people love intelligence and approach life rationally.
  • Personality Number 8 individuals are intuitive and often successful. They tend to show off and can be persuasive.
  • Personality Number 9 coincides with philanthropy. These people are magnetic and impressive, though they can seem arrogant.

Dorian Gray’s personality number fits the fictional character pretty well. What about yours? Is your mini-description close to describing who you are? 

The Importance of Personality Numbers

Personality numbers, like other core numbers, help guide you. They provide insight into your strengths and weaknesses to help you channel your energy into being the best “you” possible. 

Importance of personality numbers